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Mara Haro is a visual artist and a human rights activist who uses photography and writing as her main tools. Born in Spain, she graduated from Granada University (degree in Translation & Interpreting) and she moved to Barcelona where she specialized in Photography. Body, genre and sexuality, in confrontation with social values that does not work, are the main focus in her work. She also loves learning new things, cooking and petting her cat.


Solo exhibitions

2022 Salón erótico de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain).

2016 Escuela internacional de fotografía Grisart (Barcelona, Spain).

2013 The Cat Factory (Barcelona, Spain).

Selected collective exhibitions

2016 Orbital (Barcelona).

2016 El bosque. Beguira Photo (Bizkaia, España).

2016 Journées européenes des écoles de photographie (Paris, France).

2016 Confidencias mudas. Arte postal (Tudela, Spain).

2014 I Bernarda’s Cunt Festival (Madrid, Spain).

2014 Art en Femení (Barcelona, Spain).

2014 5000 poemas en el cielo (Málaga, Spain).

2013 Una dozzina per l’Ail (Reggio Calabria, Italy).

2013 Strangers in paradise: women & migration (Amsterdam, Netherlands).

2013 Art en Femení (Barcelona, Spain).

Selected background

Professional photography, specializing in documentary photography, video, and project creation at Grisart, International School of Photography.

XVI Seminario de Fotografía y Periodismo en la Fundación Santa María de Albarracín.






Everyday mobile photography


"Todo es cuestión de cultura, ¿sabes? De presentar de una manera agradable aquello que cuesta digerir."

Once minutos, Coelho.

Since the classic age repression has been the fundamental type of relationship between power, knowledge and sexuality. Giving yourself to the pleasure is incompatible with the dedication to work you are supposed to have in capitalism. Sex was then limited to reproduction. Any way of desire with other purpose,was considered a perversion, first, then a deviation and, finally, a paraphilia. Defining sexual interests as pathologic lead to the loss of civil and social rights, internment, and even death.

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"Photography is the only language that can be understood anywhere in the world." Bruno Barbey

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